Sip2Sleep® for Better Zzzs...

About the Study

People Science is conducting a new type of sleep study to better understand the effectiveness of an all-natural, organic sleep aid on sleep habits. Working closely with you as a study participant from the comfort of your home, our goal is to collect data related to your sleep through simple online surveys and use of a wearable device while sleeping. The results of this study will allow researchers to understand if this natural sleep formulation can be used to help people obtain a better night’s rest. We hope that you will also learn more about your own sleeping habits.

After signing up, you will take a short online questionnaire to find out whether you qualify for the study. After qualification, you will complete brief daily online surveys, and record your sleep data using your smartphone while taking the study product every night. The data you provide will be made anonymous, and the analyzed results will be shared with you and the research scientists.

Why Participate?

  • Upon enrolling, you will receive the Sip2Sleep® product at no cost and it will be shipped to your home.
  • You will be contributing valuable information that may benefit people in the future.

What is the Product?

  • Sip2Sleep® is an over-the-counter, natural, organic sleep aid that is already available in the market. It is a combination of Montmorency tart cherry extract and Venetron®, a patented, purified, powdered extract derived from the Rafuma leaf, Apocynum venetum.
  • The combination of these two natural ingredients without added melatonin helps to increase serotonin and GABA in the brain to calm the mind and induce sleep.

Who Can Participate?

  • All genders aged 18 and older living in the United States
  • Have self-reported sleep disturbance
  • Use a smartphone regularly and have a wearable device that tracks sleep (e.g. Apple watch, Fitbit, Oura, etc.)

What Can I Expect?

  • Use the study product for a total of 2 weeks
  • Log your sleep daily and answer surveys about sleep and anxiety on a mobile app for 4 weeks

Who is People Science?

People Science is a technology-enabled clinical research company that brings communities together to see what alternative medicines work best for you. People Science tests good ideas by supporting research with the people that care about those ideas.

What is CHLOE?

CHLOE stands for Consumer Health Learning and Organizing Ecosystem and it is a free research tool for study participants. It is designed by People Science to connect people with trusted scientists in an effort to explore the potential benefits and uses of alternative and natural medicines.  

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